Frequently Asked Questions

? What is Program Manager?
? What is PM?
? What is a Program?
? What is a 'Program Manager account'?
? Who can set up a Program Manager account?
? What is the difference between a 'Program Manager account' and a 'login account'?
? Is Program Manager free?
? How can Program Manager help me?
? How many Programs can Program Manager manage?
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What is Program Manager?

PM functions as your personal assistant! It is a centralized Web portal used to securely access and manage your programs.

PM can manage information for one or many programs and can automatically take action when specified events occur. It has many types of pre-defined programs and default configurations that you can use.

Almost everyone can benefit from Program Manager!


What is PM?

PM is the acronym for Program Manager. It's a lot easier to write, read, and say 'PM' than 'Program Manager'.


What is a Program?

A program is something that Program Manager helps you manage. A program can be anything like: a name and address database, a calendar, a billboard-style Web site, or a complete financial application.


What is a Program Manager account?

A PM account is a unique account established in PM that defines primary contact information, configuration settings, and allows you to link multiple programs together. Creating a PM account is the first step to begin using PM.


Who can set up a Program Manager account?

Almost anyone can set up a PM account! The primary requirement is that the person setting up the account needs to agree to the terms of use.


What is the difference between a 'Program Manager account' and a 'login account'?

A PM account is the account that governs a specific set of data and functionality in PM. A login account identifies a specific user and allows for secure access to PM or a program. A PM account can have an unlimited number of login accounts associated with it.


Is Program Manager free?

Yes, you may use PM and its basic features for free! So go ahead and set up a PM account and see for yourself how it can help you!

There may be costs associated with specific optional programs or features. But don't worry! Those costs will be clearly identified before you are charged for anything.


How can Program Manager help me?

PM has many features and related programs that can save you time and money, and it can open a whole new world of possibilities! (* = Not yet available)

  • Financial:  Perform on-line data entry, review, and emailed or printed invoicing.
  • Emails:  Emails automatically and manually broadcast to targeted recipients.
  • System Events:  Automated actions can happen when defined events occur.
  • Attendance:  Easily enter and review attendance records.
  • Awards:  Define rules and track information to plan, monitor, and order awards.
  • Organization Chart:  Generate organizational charts for specific or all programs.
  • Calendars:  Maintain public and private calendars.
  • Automated Scheduling*:  Generate random and controlled worker assignments.
  • Links:  Set up links to any web page.
  • Notes/Information:  Much resource information to help you make your programs the best they can be.
  • Security by User:  Password authentication and feature control per user.
  • Public and Private:  Some features are accessible without logging in and some are secured.
  • Specific by Type*:  Features tailored to a type of user, like: male or female, adult or child, personal or business, secular or religious, members or non-members, etc.
  • Checklists*:  Ordered and unordered lists of items to be accomplished.
  • Surveys*:  Conduct Surveys.
  • Import/Export*:  Import and export data to and from other sources.
  • Mapping:  Various mapping functions.
  • History:  Retain and track data and activity history.


How many Programs can Program Manager manage?

There is No Limit!


I have more questions

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